Your Complete Guide to Blue Topaz Rings

Your Complete Guide to Blue Topaz Rings

Known as the gem of love and eternal romance, Blue Topaz is growing popular as a diamond engagement ring alternative. What’s not to love about the gem - it is affordable, fashionable, and blue gems make great ring gemstones. However, it can be daunting to buy a fine piece of blue topaz jewelry. The many treated options out there can be confusing and if you are not armed with the right information, you could get skimmed. In this article, we will look at what makes a topaz engagement ring and all the considerations you need to make before buying one.

Blue Topaz is a Great Alternative to Diamond

One of the reasons why Blue Topaz has risen in popularity as a diamond gemstone alternative is because they are so affordable and couples don’t have to burn a hole in their pockets for the perfect engagement ring. Also, many brides don’t want to go the traditional diamond ring way and want something eccentric, maybe to capture their interest in the calmness of blue color or as a representation of her captivating blue eyes, or maybe it’s the meaning behind blue topaz; used as a healing stone and boosts intellect and strength in its wearers. Those who were born in December will be also delighted to know that Topaz is the birthstone of December.

Blue Topaz Origins

Topaz is an aluminum silicate, formed as crystals in igneous rocks, and deposits are found in many places around the world, which include Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Mexico, Brazil, and USA. While topaz can appear as amber gold, peach blush, and any shade of warm brown or orange, blue topaz is actually one of the rarest form of Topaz and is found mostly in a small area of Brazil. However, it is not as rare as before because of a laboratory enhancement process that irradiates raw topaz to brown first, before it is heated to sky blue. This is a permanent process.

Three stone ring Swiss topaz ring set gold

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Blue Topaz Colors

London blue is the darkest shade in which blue topaz can be found. The others are Sky blue and Swiss blue. The London blue variety has the darkest hue, with grey or brown undertones. Swiss blue has a more medium depth, and sky blue is just as its name says, a light blue sky color on a clear summer day. Blue Topaz remains a popular gemstone thanks to blue stones like sapphire which is causing a serious love for blue gems.

Hexagon cut London blue topaz cluster ring

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Topaz Ring Pricing

Topaz, like all gemstones, has its value determined by the 4Cs, which are color, carat, clarity, and cut.


The carat weight of blue topaz is the primary determinant of value, however, it also depends largely on color. You may pay more or less per carat, based on the color of a topaz engagement ring. For instance, the difference is not much for blue stones, but for other colored stones like red gems, you will begin to see a great difference in price per carat weight as the stone size increases.


One of the most important factors that affect Topaz’s price is color. The most valuable stones are the London Blue and Swiss Blue, with the Sky Blue variety being less valuable than those. The cheapest topaz are the brown, yellow, and white varieties. However, there is a pretty expensive topaz known as the Imperial Topaz, which has a fiery red-orange color.


Topaz typically comes in eye-clean crystals, and this means that these stones don’t display any kind of inclusions. The most valuable topaz are those of this level because most buyers want the clearest blue topaz there is.


How Blue Topaz has been cut counts towards its perceived value. A good quality cut like round, princess, or oval cut is exceptional for topaz rings. These kinds of cut ensure faceted stones have sparkling facets and cabochons have a glossy top.

Caring for Blue Topaz

Topaz has a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale, which means it is durable enough for everyday wear, without worrying about scratching or chipping, however, it is essential to use it with care and one way to do that is to clean your topaz jewelry when you are at home. To do this, make a solution of warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft cloth to clean the topaz ring and let it dry on a soft dry towel.


Colored gemstones are at their height of popularity as a great alternative to diamonds for engagement rings. Not only are these stones unique and allow you to show your personal style, but they are also affordable. There can be no better way to express your undying love for your loved one than with a ring that reflects their nature and blue topaz is a great option, not just cause of its stunning blue color but because it also comes in great shapes and is durable enough for daily wear. It is also great with any metal but works best on silver or gold. So whatever you want, there is a topaz ring that suits your needs.

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